St. Stephen's Basilica

St. Stephen's Basilica is also called St. Stephen's Basilica. It is located in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and is the largest temple in the city. The length of the temple is 87.4 meters, width - 55 meters and height - 96 meters. On either side of the main façade there are two high bell towers. Above the central entrance there is an inscription in Latin “Ego sum via veritas et vita”, which means I am the way and the truth and the life.

St. Stephen's Basilica

From history

The construction process of St. Stephen's Basilica took 54 years (1851-1905). The architectural style of the building is neoclassical. The project was developed by Miklos Ibl. A completely different specialist in the niche of architecture, József Kauser, was engaged in the interior decoration of the temple. At the very beginning, it was thought that the temple would be named after Leopold, who was then the Austrian Patron Saint. However, the plan soon had to be completely changed. The basilica received the name of St. Stephen. He was also the first king of Hungary.

According to the artifacts, the tomb, which is located next to the altar of St. Stephen's Basilica, contains the "incorruptible" right hand of the king. Every year, on August 20, St. Stephen's Day, the following ritual is performed: a religious procession begins with the tomb, which is carried out of the cathedral. If you look at the entire basilica from bottom to top, then at the very top you can see a giant dome, where the observation deck is now located. Since the building is really very high, in order to climb to the very top you will have to make at least a little physical effort. However, the reward will not be long in coming. The site offers stunning views of the city.

St. Stephen's Basilica

What to see

St. Stephen's Basilica is able to impress every visitor with its huge dimensions, because the temple is the tallest building in Budapest. The second place in this ranking is occupied by the famous parliament. The interior decoration of the temple amazes with its luxurious content from the very threshold. On the walls you will not find any other material other than marble. Many of them are decorated with artistic mosaics and paintings. The cathedral houses an ancient statue of St. Stephen. The dome painting is based on paintings telling about the history of the creation of the world.

St. Stephen's Basilica has become not just a spiritual place where people come to read prayer or confess; organ music concerts are often held in the cathedral. Often the main participants in such events are Hungarian musicians. Services in the cathedral are held every Sunday. It’s worth coming to St. Stephen’s Basilica if only for the beautiful church choir singing.

St. Stephen's Basilica St. Stephen's Basilica St. Stephen's Basilica St. Stephen's Basilica St. Stephen's Basilica St. Stephen's Basilica
St. Stephen's Basilica - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 47.500833
Longitude: 19.053889


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