Borneo Island

The island of Borneo, the third largest on the planet, is almost entirely covered in jungle with a mountain range in the center, divided by three countries. 73% of the southern side belongs to Indonesia, the northern side is divided by Malaysia and Brunei at 26% and 1%. The climate of the island is quite difficult, but this does not affect the constant flow of tourists.

Borneo Island

Features of the Island of Borneo

It has two names: for Malaysians it is Borneo, for Indonesians it is Kalimantan. It attracts with its diversity, exotic nature and excellent beaches. There are peat forests, impenetrable jungles, and swampy rivers. That is why the Island of Borneo has become one of the centers for the extraction of diamonds, oil, and timber.

According to scientists, the island is fraught with unknown species of animals and plants. Rafflesia Arnolda grows here, which is considered the largest flowering plant, and Nepenthess are predatory plants that can feed even on small species of birds. The island is home to many species of monkeys, flying foxes, rhinoceroses, and leopards. In addition, Borneo is rich in species of birds and amphibian reptiles.

Borneo Island

Most tourists come here to get acquainted with the life of the aborigines. There are about 300 ethnic groups on the island that speak different languages. For lovers of exotic dishes, this is a real paradise; here you can taste Chinese, Indonesian, Thai and many other cuisines from around the world.

Island attractions

The island of Borneo is a place where you will not be bored, but it is not a place for lovers of active nightlife. All entertainment is aimed at surfing and walking on the sea, but in addition to beach holidays and diving, the island has a lot of attractions. For example, the world's only rehabilitation center for orangutans.

One of the main attractions is Kinabalu. This is a protected area, which is located almost 1.5 thousand meters above sea level. The national park covers approximately 754 hectares. Most species of flora and fauna are found exclusively in this park. There is a health center with hot springs on site. An equally popular route is Bako National Park, which is also rich in flora and fauna.

A notable feature of Borneo Island is that if you stay on Indonesian territory, you will need to follow a number of rules. For example, take food only with your right hand, do not touch the head of the aborigines, do not swim in prohibited places, as there may be poisonous marine life in the water. In addition, it is worth remembering that the Island of Borneo is a seismically dangerous zone; warnings from local authorities cannot be ignored.

Borneo Island Borneo Island Borneo Island Borneo Island Borneo Island Borneo Island
Borneo Island - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 1
Longitude: 114


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