Mu Ko Surin National Park

Mu Ko Surin is a Thai national park washed by the waters of the Andaman Sea, 60 km from the coast of Phangnga province, which is located on the south side of the peninsula. The entire territory of the reserve is 141 km2, 108 of which is the water part. This area was declared a national park in 1981, with the aim of preserving the unusual beauty and diversity of the underwater world, and of course the main wealth that is present here is – sea reefs.

Mu Ko Surin National Park

The Surinamese islands form such islands as: Ko Surin Nua, Ko Surin Tai, which are the largest, as well as Ko Glang, Ko Ri, and Ko Khai. The two largest islands are very close to each other and during low tides, you can freely cross the distance between them on foot. The three remaining islands are covered with rocks with overgrown dwarf trees. Previously, this area was a group of pristine islands and served as a place for sheltering fishing vessels from natural adversities, as well as housing for marine gypsies. On the main island of Ko Surin Nua, they feel great, settled nomads – Moken or « sea gypsies », of which there are about 150 people. They call their community the tribe « Lviv ». These people are not at all adapted to modern life, civilization and all progress have bypassed them. They do not know how old they are, how to count the fingers on their hands, but at the same time they can go out into the open sea, taking with them only primitive equipment and a navigation tool. They easily dive to the depths without using scuba gear, while, for a long time, they hold their breath. This tribe spends most of its life on boats, the so-called boars, but they do not fish, but collect shells, snails and other shellfish near the coast that are put up to sell. Mokens also have certain religious rites. The greatest harm to this territory is caused by fishermen for commercial purposes.

Calls for travelers and the second no less popular island of Ko Surin Tai, with its main bay - Ao Tao. Here, travelers are happy to immerse themselves in underwater expanses and enjoy their indescribable beauty. The islands of Ko Ri, Ko Khai and Ko Glang are also very popular among tourists. The main natural attraction of this area is the famous Ritchcheli rock mollusk, which is a tower locked by a coral, it is a bait for whale sharks, but there are still no unknown reasons for this.

Mu Ko Surin National Park

The climate of Mu Ko Surin National Park at different times – is different. From February to May it’s dry here, and from May to October – it rains. A rather small part of the reserve, its ridge-mountain part, is overtaken by the tropical forest. In this area, moisture-loving plants take place. Exotic flowers, crubers and various trees grow in the beach areas. In the bay of Mae Yai, Mangroves take place, which are not fruitful, but still there are tangerine trees. The fauna of the islands is represented by a large variety of birds – about 90. There are also mammals, which include bats, approximately 12 species. This area accounts for six species of reptiles at home. The rich water world is teeming with fish, turtles with which you can even swim. Every year, more and more tourists come here to explore the untouched nature. In addition, this territory is in great demand among researchers.

Mu Ko Surin National Park Mu Ko Surin National Park Mu Ko Surin National Park Mu Ko Surin National Park Mu Ko Surin National Park Mu Ko Surin National Park
Mu Ko Surin National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 9.416667
Longitude: 97.866667


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