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Sweden can please both children and adults with its amazing Unibakken fairy tale museum in Stockholm and is located on the island of Jurgorden.  This is just an amazing fabulous world where there is enough space for both kids and their parents.

The name of the children's cultural and entertainment center Unibakken translates as « June-gork ». Some visitors gave him the name « Lindgren Museum », but since there are characters not only of these tales, among the inhabitants of Sweden he is known as the museum of Scandinavian modern fairy tales.

Among the museum exhibits of Unibakken there are colorful compositions that can be found in favorite fairy tales of Swedish writers. Here are heroes from famous tales of talented Lindgren, impeccable Tove Jansson, as well as Elsa Beskov. On fabulous characters in the museum it is allowed not only to watch, but also to play with them. These heroes have been always funny and attentive, especially to the smallest visitors.

Every day on the territory of the children's complex you can participate in various recreational activities, as well as watch the play. Not enough is the train where the guests of the park are happy to take a walk along the main stages with famous, beloved books.

The scenery is presented by illustrations of the talented artist Marit Turnquist, which she painted for the work of the writer.

All adults and, of course, their children will like the fabulous characters of the kindest and most fair tales, such as « Carlson, who lives on the roof », « Peppy Long Stocking » and many others.

An unforgettable vacation and a lot of impressions will give you a colorful performance in the children's theater, where new exciting performances are held daily. Beautic attractions located in the park will definitely please, and also be prepared that the child will definitely ask to buy a toy, because bright children's shops are located on the territory of the Unibakken fairy tale museum. There is a great opportunity to dine with the whole family in cozy restaurants where they cook, given the children's whims.

The kids from the museum of fairy tales return simply happy, because in addition to various fabulous characters, attractions and a warm atmosphere, everyone goes home with books, dolls, new game discs or bright clothes with heroes with favorite cartoons that are sold in local stores.

Junibacken - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 59.329444
Longitude: 18.088889


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