Barcelona Aquarium

In the area of the Old Port of Barcelona is one of the largest aquariums in Europe, which is one of the most visited attractions of the city. Since 1995, over 14 million people have visited the aquarium.

Barcelona Aquarium

The entire territory of the Barcelona aquarium is divided into 14 ecosystems: underwater caves, rocky and sandy coast, inhabitants of the northern seas, fish from the depths of the ocean, coral reefs, inhabitants of the Caribbean and others. The total volume of all aquariums is more than 5 million liters of water, in which more than 11,000 different fish and marine inhabitants live. The volume of the largest aquarium is 4.5 million liters, there are also smaller aquariums, there are 35 of them. Another feature of the aquarium is the longest underwater tunnel made of glass, 80 meters long. Walking through the tunnel, visitors can see huge sharks, stinging over themselves, jellyfish, outlandish tropical fish and even have a huge moon fish.

Mini-aquariums collect the most amazing marine creatures, such as seahorses, sponges, small fish. In total, there are more than 300 different species of fish in aquariums. For a fee, € 300 can be swam in an aquarium with real sharks or go on a night tour. In general, the price for entering here is available to everyone and for an adult is 20 Euros, and for children and pensioners the ticket will cost even less.

Barcelona Aquarium

For the convenience of visitors, the Barcelona Aquarium has souvenir shops, cafes and halls where you can hold a conference.

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Barcelona Aquarium - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 41.376667
Longitude: 2.184167


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