Paricutin – is a young volcano in Mexico, which is one of the main natural attractions of this country. The history of his education sounds especially interesting.


A hasty occurrence gives the right to determine Parikutin among the true wonders of the whole world. This volcano is only 70 years old, but its formation happened very quickly. Only in the first year, since he began to make himself felt, a hill just grew in his place, which rose 300 meters.

It is these facts that make many tourists from all over the world look at Parikutin. Over the volcano, as a geological phenomenon, experimental work of a group of scientists is constantly carried out.


According to one version, on the corn field of the peasant Pulido, there was a hole with a diameter of almost 5 meters. Pulido threw all the garbage into this hole, and the pit was not filled, like a bottomless abyss. In 1943, more than three hundred shocks occurred in the area, in the morning Dionisio Pulido and his family went to work, and during the work there was another strong push, a crack went on the ground, trees shook. Arriving the very next morning, the peasants saw in the field a small hill 10 meters high, which in a few hours reached fifty meters, a week later the mountain reached a height of 150 meters, and the explosions were heard three hundred kilometers from the volcano, the ashes with stones flew up to almost a kilometer high. Over the year, the volcano grew to 336 meters and continued to grow, releasing lava flows that destroy villages in the district. By the summer of 1944, Lava had overcome more than 10 kilometers and destroyed the town of San Juan Parangarikutiro. Parikutin has been raging for more than nine years, reaching a height of 3170 meters in our time. There was nothing left for the peasant except to sell his corn field to artist Gerardo Murillo, who was in love with volcanoes and painted several thousand oil paintings in these places.

Scientists argue that in our time the volcano of Parikutin does not pose any danger to people, because new eruptions are not predicted. Therefore, while relaxing in Mexico, it is bold to plan the climb to the top of the volcano, from where a unique view opens, because the whole circle, including the construction of the surrounding villages, was under a layer of lava and ash. And only the bell tower of the church of the destroyed settlement still rises against the background of frozen lava.

Seeing the Parikutin volcano in Mexico, you will definitely gain new knowledge in this field, and also see many beautiful landscapes that are simply incomparable.

It is these facts that drive on the path to incredible Mexico, true lovers of traveling to unusual places on the planet.

Paricutin Paricutin Paricutin Paricutin Paricutin Paricutin
Paricutin - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 19.493
Longitude: -102.251


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