Wisley Garden

The Wisley Garden – is an amazing place in the UK that lures both lovers of natural beauty and true professional gardeners with its amazing collection of plants. In this garden, which is located in the middle of England, namely in the county of Surrey, you will be fascinated by the combined styles of classics and modernity. The Weasley Garden belongs to the largest rocky gardens in all of Europe.

Wisley Garden

The garden was organized back in 1878 by a rather successful, creative person who was well versed in gardening - George Ferguson Weasley. Initially, he set himself the goal of growing only the rarest and most whimsical plants. Weasley also founded a wonderful oak grove here.

When the gardener died, the garden was transferred to the reliable hands of the Royal Palace Gardening. Since 1903, the garden has only expanded and improved its appearance. At present, its territory occupies about 97 hectares.

Wisley Garden

The Weasley Garden has a very attractive look and lures with an unusual selection of plants, which includes at least 30 thousand amazing species and various varieties. Here you can observe the classic gardens that were organized by Jeffrey Gelllico in 1960.

It is simply fascinating the rock garden, which is a magnificent rocky garden, filled with various terraces, as well as artificial streams and paths that arose here back in 1911.

The Weasley Garden holds mixboarders where amazing ornamental plants grow. Various experiments and studies are constantly conducted here, as a result of which additions to collections arise.

Back in 1914, a laboratory appeared in the garden, which is considered the main building today. Right next to it, an amazing pond is placed that fill the wonderful water lilies.

In the garden of Weasley there is a rose garden, which is created in the style of the 15th century. Directly on the territory of the garden there is an opportunity to gain great knowledge of gardening, because here they conduct gardening courses. Everyone can purchase books at a local specialized store.

Wisley Garden Wisley Garden Wisley Garden Wisley Garden Wisley Garden Wisley Garden
Wisley Garden - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 51.313
Longitude: -0.4742


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