Sochi Park

Sochi Park is a magnificent entertainment complex, stylized as Russian pastures and tales. Located in the Adler district and bordering the Olympic Park.

Sochi Park

The amusement park covers an area of 20.5 hectares and is sometimes called the "Sochin Disneyland". As a subject, Sochi Park chose the historical and cultural wealth of Russia. For the first time, the park opened its doors during the Olympic Games in Sochi, then it was visited after 150 thousand people. Officially, the park opened on June 28, 2014. The circus group "Cirque du Soleil" was invited to the opening ceremony, presenting the audience with the circus program "Futuristic fairy tale" written specifically for the opening of the park. All kinds of show programs can be viewed in Sochi Park Arena, which is essentially a big big top circus. International festivals are also held in the arena, such as: "VIVA MEXICO", "Parallels", "Sochi Jazz Festival".

A visit to all attractions of Sochi Park is included in the price of the entrance ticket valid until the end of the day. Adults will surely be interested in walking around the Magic Labyrinth, made from 3264 bushes of fotinia. The park has a huge amount of swings and carousels, and those who want to pat their nerves can visit the Zmey Gorynych attraction with a track length of 1056 meters and carnets developing a speed of almost 100 km per hour. If this is not enough, then there is also a Quantum Leap attraction with a height of almost 60 meters and its speed reaches 110 km per hour. Having plenty of fun, you should look for more measured entertainment, for example, go to the dolphinarium, in which the Black Sea dolphins, beluga whales, and fur seals do the audience to the delight. It will be no less interesting to ride the Ferris wheel and explore the entire Sochi Park from above, admire the landscapes of the mountains, Imeretinsky Bay, Olympic Park. The smallest ( 4-8 years old ) must definitely go to the "Fun Pirate" attraction, where you can just jump or go buy in soap foam.

Sochi Park
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Sochi Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 43.403861
Longitude: 39.965722


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