Olympic Park in Sochi

The Sochi Olympic Park was built for the 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games and designed so that all facilities are within walking distance of each other.

Olympic Park in Sochi

One of the main attractions that attract the attention of tourists is the "Singing Fountain", which raises water above 50 meters, and its diameter is 75 meters. Water in the fountain is fed to 264 nozzles, water jets are illuminated by a thousand strobeoscopes. Under the fountain is all communications and music equipment. To play 1 song in a dance, specialists need to spend more than a month of painstaking work. Among the compositions played in the fountain you can hear the works of P.I. Tchaikovsky, M.I. Glinka, A.I. Khachaturian, as well as songs by Michael Jackson, Freddy Mercury and many different famous songs and compositions.

Among the buildings in the park, Fisht Stadium stands out, where the opening and closing ceremony of the Olympic Games took place. The stadium was named after the peak of the Caucasus Range. The stadium capacity was 40 thousand people. 2018 World Cup matches will be held at Fisht Stadium. Further in size is the Bolshoi stadium with a capacity of 12 thousand people, where they conduct ice hockey competitions. Of the significant facilities on the territory of the Olympic Park, it is worth noting Sochi Avtodrom, the venue of the Formula 1 competition. The highway goes around or passes near Olympic facilities and in its own way is similar to the track in Sydney Olympic Park.

Olympic Park in Sochi

The architects of the Olympic Park and entertainment for children did not forget. For them, a thematic amusement park was built, the main idea of which is the cultural wealth of Russia. There are 20 attractions for visitors: the Heat-bird tower, the Zmey Gorynych and the Balloon, the Magic Labyrinth, the Quantum Leap hill, where you can drive at speeds above 100 km / h. When you go for a ride, you can go to the dolphinarium, where performances are held with the participation of Black Sea dolphins, beluga whales, fur seals. When buying a ticket to the park, you can visit any attraction an unlimited number of times during the day.

Olympic Park in Sochi Olympic Park in Sochi Olympic Park in Sochi Olympic Park in Sochi Olympic Park in Sochi Olympic Park in Sochi
Olympic Park in Sochi - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 43.405647
Longitude: 39.954592


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