Vorontsov cave system

In the Khostinsky district there is an amazing cave system called Vorontsovskaya by the name of the ridge in which it is located. For many years it was believed that the caves of the Labyrinth, Vorontsov, Dolgaya and Kabaniy failure were in no way connected, but gradually it turned out that they were connected by syphons.

Vorontsov cave system

The length of the Vorontsov cave system is 11720 km, so that it puts it in 6th position among the longest caves in Russia. You can enter the cave system through 14 entrances located in the valleys of the rivers Psaho, Kudepsta and East Khost. The Vorontsov cave system is located in limestone rocks, so there are many stalactites, stalagmites, columns and other cottage deposits. In numerous moves, researchers discovered the parking lots of ancient people, a huge number of bones belonging mainly to a cave bear.

In the Vorontsov cave in the halls there are a large number of cracks, from behind which huge layers of the rock fall off. So in the hall of the Underground River you can see blocks of 50 m3. It is believed that the Estradny Hall is the most beautiful in the cave with a large number of unusual cottage industries. The Grotto of Prometheus with a length of more than 120 meters is the longest. A sightseeing route is laid along this cave and anyone can go through it for a fee.

Vorontsov cave system

In the Labyrinth cave, narrow galleries up to 15 meters high are common, in which water usually accumulates, and then flows into the channel of the Kudepsta River. This cave through the siphon is connected in the cave of Kabaniya, a failure named so because of the found skeleton of a boar at the bottom. You can also get into the cave through a funnel in the ground with a diameter of 1 meter, then you need to go down the mine 43 meters high and many halls will open in the eye, many of which are dead due to blockages. The halls of the cave are covered with numerous stalactites and the so-called "lunar milk", the jelly-like mass of which has not yet been fully studied.

The Volga cave system also includes the Dolgaya cave. The entrance to it is located in a karst funnel, followed by a small laz partially filled with water and a half meter height. Then the cave expands into a huge hall with a length of 1476 meters along which clean water flows. Water from the Long Cave goes through narrow lazas to the cave of the Kabaniy Pass.

Vorontsov cave system Vorontsov cave system Vorontsov cave system Vorontsov cave system Vorontsov cave system Vorontsov cave system
Vorontsov cave system - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 43.612167
Longitude: 39.936083


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