Canyon of the Psakho River

The Psakho River Canyon is considered one of the most beautiful places in Sochi: there is one canyon, but it has two parts: “Wet” and “Dry”. The Psakho River, eleven kilometers long, flows along the “Mokraya”, as the name suggests, and the “Dry”, formed by an earthquake, only served as a riverbed for the river in the past. This is a great place to spend a holiday in Russia and find inspiration while admiring the beauty of nature.

Canyon of the Psakho River


"Wet" made its way through the Psakho River Canyon and a boxwood grove, add to this plants overgrown with moss and, because of this forest attire, similar to a scarecrow. “Wet” surprises the tourist with another indescribable art that came from the distant, distant past ─ the age of boxwoods: this is an ancient creature in age, they say, a resident of the era of dinosaurs. In some places, the Psakho River Canyon stretches up to 10 meters wide, and sometimes, narrowing, reaches a one and a half meter mark.

Irrational desire for knowledge

It is known that tourists go on various trips, primarily based on the desire to learn and collect information, which they often save on smartphones and carefully leave in their memory. After 5 minutes of almost easy walking along the iron stairs, the tourist will discover that access to “Mokroye”, obtained for 100 rubles, is limited by a stern inscription: “The end!” This means that further desire to understand the Canyon of the Psakho River can only be carried out at your own peril and risk, since the inscription categorically insists: “No!”

Canyon of the Psakho River

Prohibitions are needed

This may, of course, seem strange, since it is reliably known that the best views of the Psakho River Canyon open further than the above sign. This type of travel is dangerous. Although ahead, along the route, is the “Dry Canyon”. Just keep in mind that it was no coincidence that the inscription warned you: the walk will be difficult. The dry canyon is not the most convenient passage for tourists, walking between the rocks, which is also strewn with garbage along its entire length. But the garbage is from the forest, not man-made, which means that natural barriers will arise in front of the tourist: bushes and trees with their root systems clinging to the rock. From “Wet” to “Dry” it’s about a thirty-minute walk. It's very easy to get lost without a guide, so it's better not to risk it.

Additional information

For those who want to take a dip, the Psakho River has carefully and prudently prepared the so-called “karst troughs”. Just remember: the river is mountainous and even in the hottest weather the water does not warm up above 22 degrees. The most reliable way to get to the Psakho River Canyon is an excursion: they will deliver you, show you, tell you. Public transport - bus: No. 131, Adler, landmark - Psakho River, final route - stop "Kamenka-2".

Canyon of the Psakho River - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 43.5436
Longitude: 39.9294


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