AJ Hackett Sochi Skipark

AJ Hackett Sochi is an extreme park opened in 2014 in Adler district on the way from Adler to Krasnaya Polyana.

AJ Hackett Sochi Skipark

The main attraction of Skypark is the longest overhead pedestrian bridge in the world. Its length is almost 440 meters, and the bridge itself is suspended above the Akhshtyrsky Gorge and is located at an altitude of 207 meters. Thoughts about organizing such a park in Sochi appeared at entrepreneur Dmitry Fedin after visiting New Zealand in 2001, where he first jumped the banja. Much later, he called for the construction of an adventure park to a company led by Alan Hackett, who had already built such parks around the world. In total, almost 4 million jumps were performed from attractions opened by AJ Hackett.

On the suspension bridge is equipment for bungee jumping. The Skybridge bridge weighs 120 tons, and this huge weight holds 8 ropes, each of which can hold 360 tons. The design of the bridge was made so that it could withstand an earthquake of 10 points. According to calculations, there are 3,000 people on the bridge without problems. Climbing the bridge you can see brave men jumping down on a cable. Great views of the Caucasus Mountains also open from here. The slopes of the gorge are covered with rare Colchis samshite, rhodendron, jasmine and other beautiful plants.

AJ Hackett Sochi Skipark

There are several attractions in Skype Park. At the Sochiwing attraction, visitors are seated in a chair and released. After that, the chair moves like a pendulum over a radius of 170 meters. High-speed lovers can visit Megatroll, here you can cross a gorge 700 meters long at a speed of 120 km / h. If you wish, you can take friends with you, because 3 people can roll at the same time. Those who are afraid to jump from 207 meters can go to an attraction with a height of 69 meters. Even people with disabilities can jump here, because the site is designed so that you can jump even with a wheelchair. After the jumps, you can go down and visit the climbing wall, the Maugli rope park, go with the whole family along the Via Ferrata path to the Lian Cave.

The Skype Park has a strict security system: the rope for jumping is changed after it produces a third of its resource, before the jump, the load is first thrown weighing 75 and 105 kg. Also, before the jump, the second instructor re-checks the mounts.

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AJ Hackett Sochi Skipark - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 43.5255263
Longitude: 39.9946788


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