Ai Petri Ai Petri Ai Petri Ai Petri

Ai Petri

Ai-Petri is one of the most famous Crimean mountains, part of the Ai-Petrinsky Yale. Her picturesque teeth attract thousands of tourists annually, making her a symbol of southern Crimea.

The name of the mountain translated from Greek means "Saint Peter". Speaking of grief, they often mean the entire mountain plateau, but in fact, Ai-Petri is one mountain with 3 obvious teeth: East, West and Highest Main ( 1231 meters ). Tooths appeared under the influence of strong winds, rains and fogs. After all, here the largest number of foggy days in Crimea is registered annually. 180 km / h is just such the maximum recorded wind speed on the mountain. Even wind power plants were used to get benefits from the wind, but strong winds tore its blades and now it is scattered.

Cro-Magnons once lived on the Ay-Petrinsky egg, their household items are still found throughout the plateau. Then the plateau left, and it became a transit point for the Scythians, Taurus, Romans, Genoese. Everyone needed a path from the steppes through the mountains to the sea. Valuable goods, slaves, provisions were sent along this road. In the Middle Ages, pastures and settlements appeared on the slopes, but with the arrival of Turkish conquerors, the villages left. Russian scientist Pallas Peter Simon ( 1741 — 1811 ) during his travels found the remains of a Christian temple on the slopes, possibly from here the name of the mountain.

For the convenience of visitors, the Mishor - Sosnovy Bor - Ai-Petri cable car was held on the mountain. It took 20 years to build it and a lot of money, in 1987 it was put into operation. Each trailer accommodates up to 40 people, the length of the cable car is about 3 kilometers, the path from the initial to the final point is overcome to 15 minutes. The end point is at an altitude of 1180 meters. At the height of the season, huge lines of people are gathering at the cable car, and it is no coincidence. The mountain offers stunning views of tens of kilometers to the Black Sea.

If you wish, you can climb Ai-Petri on foot, for this, climbing routes of varying difficulty are laid to the top. You can also admire the mountain below by cycling on the tracks for cycling.

Ai Petri - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 44.451111
Longitude: 34.052778


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