Geghard is an ancient complex of monasteries in the gorge of the Gokht mountain girk near Yerevan. Many temples of the complex are hollowed out right in the rocks. The temple complex and surrounding rocks are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The history of the complex began in the 4th century with the foundation of the monastery on the site of a sacred spring in the rocks. Initially, the monastery was called Ayrivank, which translates as a cave monastery. Today, the monastery is called Geghard, which translates as a "copy", the full name of the complex Geghardavank - the monastery of the spear. It is believed that the apostle Faddeus brought to Armenia a spear of Longin - a spear that killed Jesus Christ. Hence the name of the monastery complex. Nowadays, the spear is in the Etchmiadzin Monastery.

The monastery founded in this place was completely destroyed and the Arabs plundered in the 8-9th century. The restoration of the former greatness of the monastery began after Tsaritsa Tamara recaptured most of Armenia from the Seljuk. In 1225 they built the main chapel, in 1225, partially in the rock they cut Gavit. In the mid-13th century, the monastery was bought by Prince Prosh Khakhbakyan, and after that the main structures of the complex were built in a short time. The monastery became famous after it was reported that there was a spear of Longin in it. After that, noble people began to give the monastery money, ancient manuscripts, and land. In 1687, a silver frame was made specifically for spears.


Geghard complex is protected from 3 sides by ramparts, and a cliff closes it from the fourth. Above the main entrance are cave cells, crossbars, chapels. The main church of Geghard is called Katogik. Her facade is richly decorated with carvings. A sacristy is connected to the main church. The first cave church was named Avazan, which translates as a pond, since it was cut down in an ancient pagan cave with a spring. Nearby is the tomb of Proshyanov, through which you can get to the second rocky church.

Geghard Geghard Geghard Geghard Geghard Geghard
Geghard - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 40.156111
Longitude: 44.798889


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