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Pitch Lake

Lake Peach Lake – is not an ordinary pond that is located on the island of Trinidad. This place is noteworthy in that it contains an inexhaustible supply of natural asphalt. The lake is not intended for swimming, and there is no fauna here, and it is easy to walk on its surface.

The name of the lake is translated into our language as « bitumen lake ». Peach Lake is a fairly large lake, its area reaches 40 hectares, and the largest depth is – 80 m. All this vast space is filled with liquid asphalt. An unusual pond was discovered in 1595 by some Walter Raleigh from England, who immediately proposed the effective use of viscous lake fluid. Since that time, the local bitumen has been successfully used to process the surface of wooden ships. Specialists estimated the asphalt stock in Peach Lake at approximately 6 million tons.

Every year, close 50 thousand tons of high-quality asphalt are mined in this place, which is directly exported. Scientists have calculated that if asphalt is mined at the same pace, then its reserves will last for another 400 years. Of course, Lake Bitumen Lake lures many tourists to itself, because walking the surface of the lake is possible only here. The surroundings of this pond cannot surprise travelers in any way, as they are presented in the form of continuous gray mud. Among the lake itself, places are visible where small trees manage to grow. Tourists of Lake Peach Lake are happy to walk on the surface, considering an unusual natural picture. This business is funny, but risky enough, because in some places you can be on the knee, or even more, in the mud. Quite often, bitumen in the lake can boil, as well as diverge in thick waves, despite the fact that the surface of the pond seems durable.

Peach Lake has the property of absorbing a variety of objects, including animals. Among the interesting finds that hid the centuries-old lake under its black blanket, skeletons of even dinosaurs were discovered, as well as a huge tree, which numbered about 4 thousand years. Experts claim that the amazing Lake Peach Lake originated on the site of a former volcano, which is still associated with its vents. It is from this place that an ongoing oil flow breaks out onto the surface, which is converted to asphalt along the way.

According to legend, there used to be a settlement of the Indians, but celebrating a victory over the enemies, they ate a lot of hummingbirds. In the hummingbird after death their ancestors moved. Upon learning of this, the gods set the earth apart, and released out a huge bitumen lake that destroyed the Indians.

With the help of asphalt from Lake Peach Lake, not one track is laid, including the famous London Pell-Mal Alley, which leads to the Buckingham Palace itself.

Pitch Lake - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 10.2325
Longitude: -61.628056


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