Rondane National Park Rondane National Park Rondane National Park Rondane National Park

Rondane National Park

Rondane - Norwegian National Park, organized in 1982 in the Rondan Mountains on an area of 963 km2. On the lands of the park there are 10 mountains with a height of more than 2 km, the highest of them is Rondeslotte ( 2178 meters ). The park will house the range of the largest herd of reindeers in Norway.

Rondan has a mountainous lanschaft with smooth contours saying that there was once glaciation. At the moment, there is little rainfall in the park and glaciers cannot grow. Forests consist mainly of birch trees, heathers and lichens. Deep-sea lakes like Rondvatne are found in the plains.

The Norwegian Tourism Association arranged tourist houses in the park and marked routes for walking. Guests of the park can walk and put up tents throughout the park. The most popular route of Rondane is a 42 km long trail from Enden to Foldal, passing between the Rondane massif. This area consists in the Hedmark Ilmarksrike region and the human hand almost did not reach it. Practical all routes begin in Strembu.

In the most picturesque places there are observation platforms in which you are allowed to leave the car, take a walk, take a picture. One of these sites is located in Sohlbergplassen, with stunning views of Lake Atncuyen and the Rondane Mountains, such as Harald Solberg painted in the picture "Winter Night in the Mountains". Walking along the National Tourist Path of Rondan, easily reach the Rondane Mountains. Near this trail, the Atna River flows, in which you can fish, but first you need to take a license in local shops or travel companies.

Visitors will find something to their liking all year round: in summer you can swim on a boat, ride a bicycle, go fishing, in winter you can ride a team with dogs or skiing.

In the highlands of the park there are many cliffs. Many mountains form steep walls. Many lakes come across in the lowlands. In the western part there are glaciers, and the central part can boast of high mountains. The main pride of the park is a huge herd of wild deer, numbering 2-4 thousand individuals. The park management will certainly look after their migration in order to change the direction of tourist routes as far as possible from the herd. For the convenience of deer, in 2003 the park area was increased. All conditions have been created for deer in Rondan Park, even in huge quantities their favorite treat of lichens, jagel, herbs Heather and Hardy meet. In addition to the huge herds of wild deer in the park, you can meet a brawl, moose, sheep, rosoms, bears, wolves. Of the birds, you can most often see a white partridge.

Rondane National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 61.833333
Longitude: 9.5


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