Tiwanaku – this name has the oldest city, the location of which is Bolivia. This settlement was located less than 100 km from La Paz, near Lake Titicaca. Historical excavations suggest that Tiuanako was formed 1,500 years BC. This city was considered the heart of the state, close to 40 thousand people were concentrated here.


The ruins of Tiuanako were found 20 km from the water, although once the city was very well located on the very shore of the lake and had large moorings. This oldest settlement, as expected, has many different legends and mythical stories. One of these legends says that the settlement appeared before the stars caught fire in the sky. Tiwanako is also credited with alien origin, the territory of which was inhabited by completely different creatures in humanity, in whose veins not even such blood flowed. They settled here from another planet as soon as they noticed a alpine pond. According to literature, it was here that the nation of the Incas was born.

Many Tiuanako structures have not been saved until our time, but those ruins that have survived impress even tourists are far from new. Here are located, known throughout the world "Gateway of the Sun". This structure is a huge heavy monolith, the weight of which is close to 10 tons. At the gate there is an image of the god of the Sun. Most scientists believe that this ancient architectural work of the Incas served as a calendar that is planned for 21 thousand years. Near the famous gate there are huge seven-meter sculptures. There is also an architectural structure called the Aqapan pyramid, which is known as « The place where people die ». This multi-level, stepped structure, the base of which is 230 meters, towered over the city by 15 meters. The pyramid merged with the local temple, half of which was underground. On the upper part of the pyramid there was a terrace where a recess intended for a pond was laid out of a boneless stone. From the northern part of Akapan was located Kalasasaya, which is a rather mysterious ancient structure. This line ensemble is a pillar of various heights, the space between which is filled with processed stone. There is also an underground structure, with columns and the same filled space. The purpose of such a structure is most likely to be ritual in nature.


A distinctive feature of all the excavated structures of Tiuanako is strict geometric lines, a clear layout. Various platforms were created by pouring and strengthening stones at various natural hills.

The oldest city of Tihuanako belongs to the most significant cultural attractions of the country. Tourists from many countries come here to see mysterious ruins, which number more than one million years.

Tiwanaku Tiwanaku Tiwanaku Tiwanaku Tiwanaku Tiwanaku

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Tiwanaku - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -16.554722
Longitude: -68.673056


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