Jotunheimen - Norwegian National Park, formed in 1980 on an area of 1151 km2. The name of the park translates as the "house of giants" and refers to Scandinavian mythology.


The park is located in the mountain region of the same name, here are over 250 mountains with a height of more than 2900 meters. Of these, the highest Glittertinn ( 2465 meters ) and Gallhöpiggen ( 2469 meters ). The relief of Yutunheimen was greatly influenced by glaciers, which left behind numerous river valleys. The most famous of the park lakes is Gjende, more like a fjord, since it stretched out 20 kilometers and the width is more than 1 kilometer. Most lakes and rivers have trout that can be caught, but permission is needed.

This area used to be wild, but in 1400 the king of Norway signed a decree instructing residents of the city of Lom to monitor the good state of passage through the mountains. This allowed residents of the northern city of Goodbrandsdal to get to Bergen without any problems. They brought agricultural products with them, and returned back with salt, iron, fabric and lutfisk. In 1869, the Norwegian Society of Tourists built the first hut on the shores of Lake Tin, giving a great impetus to the development of tourism in this region. Today, Yutunheimen is a fairly large mountain tourist center with a recently renovated hotel.


Yutunheimen has long been a place of hunting, the remains of stone-century hunting camps were found near the lakes of Gyende and Russvatnet. Among the representatives of wildlife you can often find deer, lynxes, moose, and rosomachs.

Cyclists, rafting enthusiasts, mountain and cross-country skiing, climbers and everyone who loves the nature untouched by man can relax and get a lot of impressions in Jotunheimen. You can stop for a rooming house at least on the lake or at least on the top, in which stunning views of the park will open.

Jotunheimen Jotunheimen Jotunheimen Jotunheimen Jotunheimen Jotunheimen
Jotunheimen - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 61.5
Longitude: 8.366667


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