The city of Budva is a famous resort city of Montenegro. This wonderful town – is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Europe. Tourists, first of all, are attracted to their location, which is on the very shore of the Adriatic Sea.


The city of Budva is considered to be the capital of the Montenegrin resort land, because at the peak of the season it is visited by at least a quarter of a million travelers from all over the world. The equipped coastline of the Budva lasts as much as 11 thousand meters. Among the most famous beaches are Slavyansky and Mogren, the coast of which is generously drained with the smallest pebble, as well as a sandy beach called Yaz. Tourists are happy to take a tour of St. Nicholas Island, which among the people is known as local « Hawaii ».

The very first records of the beautiful city of Budva date back to the 5th century BC, with which we can conclude that the city is about 2500 years old. Its main remarkableness is the oldest complex of buildings, which is located among a small sea braid, which is fueled by a powerful protective wall. At one time, she served as the main coast of the city, now you can watch several towers on it. The gates, the citadel, as well as medieval church buildings were well preserved here. In the Budva museums you can see the unique works of talented world artists. The architecture of the city is presented in the form of buildings with a clefted stone, the decorations of which are elements in the Baroque style.


In the summer, when the city is in the midst of the tourist season, you can observe various events, as well as music festivals. Vacationing Buddhas easily find entertainment to their liking. Young active people will surely enjoy the nightlife of this tourist city, because it is full of noisy discos, night bars and various entertainment. Older people will definitely appreciate fine wines, aromatic dishes in local restaurants.

The city of Budva – is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places of the Adriatic, which lures many tourists from all over the world into its territory.

Budva Budva Budva Budva Budva Budva
Budva - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 42.284722
Longitude: 18.845278


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