St. Stephen's Island

The island of Sveti Stefan is one of the most expensive and beautiful resorts on the entire Adriatic coast of Montenegro. This area is entirely intended for travelers, as there is no accommodation for ordinary people. Vacationers on the island of St. Stephen live in hotels, which are presented in the form of entire towns. The hotels in this area were rebuilt from small fishermen's houses, which previously constituted an entire fishermen's village.

St. Stephen's Island

Hotels on Sveti Stefan Island are presented at a very high level, meeting the most stringent standards. It is thanks to the quality of service that the fame of the resort in this area has spread far beyond the borders of the country. For more than one year in a row, famous and wealthy individuals stop to rest on the island of St. Stephen, including politicians, movie stars, athletes and many other famous people or simply people who can afford this level of relaxation.

The coastline on the island has rocky edges, which is why there are no beaches along the coast. But they are simply found in abundance on the spit that leads from the land to the mainland. The pebbles, which contain specific minerals, give the entire beach an unusual pink color. St. Stephen's Island, as the world's best resort, recently received an award called the "Golden Apple".

St. Stephen's Island

The magnificent mild climate, which is represented by a huge number of warm, clear days, also lures you to these lands. The air temperature in summer is about 27 degrees Celsius, but the heat is completely hidden by a light breeze from the sea. The beach season on the island opens in April and ends in September. And despite the fact that hotel prices during the peak season are simply off the charts, there are plenty of vacationers here.

Guests of the island are very fond of boat trips on a yacht, during which they swim, sunbathe or just fish. Many tourists prefer diving, where they love to observe the beauty of the underwater world. Those who like eco-tourism will enjoy exciting hiking routes, including a walk to the magnificent canyon of the Tara River.

Winter recreation is quite bright and impressive, which will certainly interest fans of winter active sports.

If you want to try the dishes of local restaurants, as well as wander around numerous boutiques, then you should head along the coastline towards Budva. It is there that you can find numerous souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants and countless other entertainment centers.

The modern island of Sveti Stefan is privatized and to get onto its territory you have to pay a tidy sum. The most expensive villa in the Adriatic Sea is located here - Villa "21", the price of living in it is determined through an auction

St. Stephen's Island St. Stephen's Island St. Stephen's Island St. Stephen's Island St. Stephen's Island St. Stephen's Island
St. Stephen's Island - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 42.255903
Longitude: 18.890983


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