Kumamoto Castle

The history of Kumamoto Castle began in the 14th century, when a small fortified fort was located in its place. Kato Kiyomasa, the owner of these lands, decided to significantly expand the fortification and built a majestic castle here, which housed a large military garrison.

Kumamoto Castle

History of Kumamoto Castle

In 1607, all construction work was completed. Kumamoto Castle included two high walls - rings. The length of the outer ring is 13 kilometers, the inner ring is 5 kilometers. In case of a siege, 120 wells with drinking water were prepared on the territory, in addition, a large number of ginkgo trees were planted. Its fruits were planned to be eaten, and the leaves are suitable for making tea. For the abundance of these trees, the fortress was also called "Ginko Castle".

Another name for Kumamoto Castle is associated with the color of the walls. Due to the black, impregnable barriers, many built in a special way, the former fort was nicknamed the "Crow's Castle".

Kumamoto Castle

For the next two centuries, Kumamoto Castle served as a secure fortress. Its walls, like the walls of many castles in Japan, were built using a special technology, it was impossible to climb them without special ladders, the enemy simply rolled down slippery barriers.

Having survived various hostilities, the castle fell from a strong fire that happened here in the middle of the 19th century. The samurai rebel Saigo Takamori was hiding behind the fortress walls. He held the castle for 50 days and never retreated. After that, a fire started, the results of which turned out to be devastating, only the foundation remained of the entire structure.

New life of the castle

Global restaurant was started already in the 20th century. The Japanese treat their history with great trepidation, so all the work to restore the lost Kumamoto Castle was carried out with great care, the main task was to preserve authenticity as much as possible. Out of 49 towers, 13 were restored, and out of more than 100 wells, 17 were returned to their original form.

The second stage of restoration work began on the territory in 2007. At the same time, a whole grove of beautiful sakura was planted here. It is interesting that earlier these trees were planted to strengthen the soil in the places where castles were built. Their lush flowering did not play the most important role, but was an essential addition.

Guests of Kumamoto Castle today can visit an extensive museum dedicated to its history, as well as to the two families who owned it at different times.

Kumamoto Castle is one of the 12 castles on the territory of modern Japan that have been preserved, they are the national treasure of the country. Every year, tourists from all over the world come to see them, as well as local residents who honor their history.

Kumamoto Castle Kumamoto Castle Kumamoto Castle Kumamoto Castle Kumamoto Castle Kumamoto Castle
Kumamoto Castle - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 32.806111
Longitude: 130.705833


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