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Glover Garden

Glover Garden – is a wonderful park in Japan, which was founded by Scottish entrepreneur Thomas Glover. The park area is located in Nagasaki and is a magnificent open-air museum. The museum exhibits chic mansions of Europeans who inhabited this area in the second half of the 19th century. Glover’s house stands out for a number of the oldest buildings in the area, because it is a European building, which is a cultural heritage monument.

Gloucher's Garden found its place among Minamiyamate Hill. It was here that merchants and entrepreneurs actively settled at a time when in Japan the times of self-isolation were left behind. From this place, the whole city of Nagasaki, as well as its harbor, is clearly visible.

The style in which the construction of Glover was completed is presented in the form of a one-story bungalow, which was erected at that time by foreigners in Hong Kong and Shanghai. This type of construction was brought to this country by merchants from Britain. Such structures corresponded to the Georgian style, which was in fashion in the previous century.

European elements in such a building are arches, stone floors in the veranda, as well as French windows. Japan also made adjustments to the building, which is visible in the roof from the tiles, in the corners of which statues are usually placed, the purpose of which is to scare away evil spirits.

On the territory of the Gloure Garden there is a sculpture of a talented composer, as well as opera singer Miura Tamaki, who became famous for her impeccable performance of the role of Chio-Chio-san. These statues are located at the house.

The famous Japanese Museum also houses mansions of other famous entrepreneurs, including the house of Frederick Ringer, which was erected in 1865, as well as William Alt.

Gloucher's Garden is very attractive for tourists and has about 2 million guests annually on its territory.

Glover Garden - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 32.734444
Longitude: 129.868889


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