Lake Garda

Lake Garda is Italy's largest lake in both area and diversity of natural landscapes. Mother nature, when creating a natural landscape, has collected all the best landscapes that are in nature. The lake is located among the mountain slopes from the north and the Padan Valley from the south, where alpine mountains are combined with sandy beaches and bays. This pond is considered the cleanest in Europe.

Lake Garda

Garda Lake is of mountainous origin, the water here is quite cool, compensating for the heat of heat in the summer. Due to strong winds from the mountains, there are high waves of the Seisha, lasting from a few minutes to several hours.

The natural combination of air and water temperature creates favorable conditions for a comfortable stay.

Lake Garda

In addition to beautiful landscapes, Lake Garda attracts many tourists with its luxurious apartments of resort cities located on the coast. They are tourist centers with developed infrastructure, where everything is done taking into account the most demanding customers. Lake hotels are famous for their high service and service, among which the five-star Grand Hotel Terme is considered the leader. Here they like to relax the "gum" of society. The island has many amusement parks, the most famous of which are Gardaland, Canevaworld and Parco Natura Viva. Gardaland is considered the largest entertainment center located in Verona. It is also called the Country of Fantasy, where you can plunge into the world of childhood.

The sights of the island are in many equipped towns. In Sirmione, everything is saturated with history with fascinatingly narrow, winding streets. The city is famous for its serrated wall fortress, which was erected to protect the city, Castle of the Scaligers, rising directly from the water coast, by the remains of the villa of the poet Katulla. There are two thermal centers.

Riva del Garda is also called the pearl of Garda with palm trees, lemons and laurels growing on the territory. The town is the main center of windsurfing and sailing. The town of Garda keeps the remains of a long past, the pile buildings of the bronze period and the drawings on the rocks.

Cape Sand Vigilio in the form of a small peninsula – the most beautiful place of the lake. A large number of villas and palaces have been erected throughout the city.

The most beautiful bay of Siren Bay is located in one of the pearls of – San Vigilio Island. Visiting coastal towns will be a great pastime.

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Lake Garda - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 45.633333
Longitude: 10.666667


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