Caño Cristales

Kanyo Kristales – is an amazing Colombian river that has no analogues in the whole world. The name of the river in translation means « crystal river », among the local population you can hear « Liquid Rainbow » or « Five Flower River ». The river has a very beautiful view, and all thanks to the algae blooming in it, that sometimes they change their color.

Caño Cristales

Kanyo Kristales flows in the highlands, seizing the territory of the Serrania de la Macarena nature reserve. River water simply strikes with its purity and transparency, in its composition it resembles distilled water. An analysis of the local waters showed that they have no salts or minerals. The bottom of the river is not covered with sludge, which does not give normal conditions for the existence of fish. Water in the Kanyo Kristales River is also not drinking.

In the deep-sea places of the river, round-shaped wells and various colors formed. These specific recesses are called « moyas ». Tourists in the area are invited to bathe in such a well, after which, according to people who have tried such a procedure, there is a special ease in the head.

Caño Cristales

Over a large period of time per year, the river stands out from other rivers on the planet. But it is worth the blooming in its waters, from September to November, to algae, it immediately turns into a colorful picture. The local plants give the river all kinds of tones of red and green colors. This area takes yellow and black color due to the saturated color of sand, as well as other plants growing here. Reflecting sky in the water surface, brings rich turquoise colors to Kanyo Kristales. In hot weather, it is always crowded here, because the river on such days has a particularly saturated color.

For a long time, the beauty of the Kanyo Kristales River was revealed from publicity, because access to it was closed due to military operations in the country. The first excursions for travelers to this area were made in 2009.

This magnificent natural attraction is located away from civilization, so admiring its beauty is not so simple. The road to the Kanyo Kristales River consists of a stretch of path that must be overcome by plane, then transfer to the boat and the rest of the way to walk or with the help of local animals ( horse, donkey ).

The Kanyo Kristales River, together with its surrounding territory in Colombia, is under guard, and it is also part of UNESCO. Visitors to the area are not allowed to kindle fire and spend the night here. This territory is also closed to tourists in winter and spring.

Caño Cristales Caño Cristales Caño Cristales Caño Cristales Caño Cristales Caño Cristales
Caño Cristales - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 2.192028
Longitude: -73.890389


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