Colosseum is Italy's most visited attraction. This huge structure was erected under the Roman Empire. The complexity of architecture has been recognized by all countries. In the ancient world, this powerful building was the largest amphitheater, where the Romans soullessly enjoyed the battles of the condemned people, as well as the fights of animals. The coliseum has approximately 80 different entrances and has 50 thousand seats. Through this place there was a spirit of cruelty, it will always remind of soulless acts that excited blood and brought pleasure to thousands of Romans.


The original name of the Coliseum – is the Flaviev amphitheater, the modern one sounds like Colosseum, which is similar to the statue of Nero ( colossus ), which was nearby. The mighty Roman Empire accommodated about 250 amphitheaters that were in its outskirts, among them the Colosseum, of course, was the main one and was located in the very center of Rome.

The founder of this building was Emperor Vespasin, who, in this way, wanted to strengthen his power and demonstrate its power. The completion of construction took place in 80 and was on the board of Titus, which was the subsequent emperor. The celebration associated with the opening of the main amphitheater lasted 97 days and was accompanied by a shedding of blood of gladiators, wild animals, as well as various typical games that delighted thousands of spectators.


Domitian, who ruled in the 81-96s, completed the upper tier, which significantly expanded this building, and also dug many tunnels that served to grow animals that fought in the arena, prisoners also expected their turn here.

With the advent of Christianity, people, within the walls of the Coliseum, stopped killing. And over time, the spectacles associated with animal fights ceased, but the cause was the financial crisis, which is associated with frequent raids of the barbarian. In subsequent times, the amphitheater was used for other purposes, but as a result began to develop, disassemble the building material for the construction of various cathedrals and churches. And only, under the government of Benedict XlV, who decided to open a public church here, the destruction of it by mankind ceased. From then to the present, the Colosseum is guarded and periodically restored.

Today's Colosseum – is the main attraction of Rome, which is very popular among tourists. In 2010, the ancient amphitheater was restored and first opened for visiting, even underground tunnels, where the fighting were waiting for their turn. Also, renewed for guests, the third tier, where he observed actions in the arena, the middle class of a powerful empire. During the reconstruction, a wooden track was also built, which allows tourists to better consider a noble place. To get on an excursion to the Coliseum, you need to sign up in advance, as individual visits are conducted here, in groups of 25 people.

This recognizable architecture of ancient Rome can often be found in various pictures, magazine covers. World-class celebrities often give concerts in this territory, and sometimes the Pope conducts service. In 2007, the Coliseum took its place of honor in the list of seven new wonders of the world.

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Coliseum - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 41.890169
Longitude: 12.492269


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