Olympia is one of the most beautiful places in Greece. Even in 776 BC, the Olympic Games began to be held here. Having visited modern Olympia, you can completely immerse yourself in ancient Greece, see Roman ruins with preserved elements of the mosaic and many other historical sights.


The workshop of Sofia is very popular in Olympia. Despite the fact that the walls are only partially preserved, it was here that one of the great sculptors who lived during the Golden Age created a giant statue designed to be placed in the temple of Zeus, which is considered one of the seven wonders of the world. In the manufacture of the statue, gold and ivory were used, so this is a very precious work of art, which every tourist should take a look at.

The huge dimensions of Leonidion in Olympia are admirable. It is believed that it was built for noble guests who were invited to the Olympic Games. On the other side of the street from him is Bulevterion, where exclusively founders and judges gathered.


Of particular note is the small round building of the Phillion, which was built by Philip II of Macedon. The Hera Temple, built in 600 BC, was best preserved in Olympia. Despite the fact that not all the walls of the structure have been preserved, here you can see the images of the goddess presented in the form of cave paintings.

Nymphion was erected in 106. Once he was surrounded by colonnades and statues. The structure consists of a semi-round fountain, which is surrounded by several pools. And a little further from it are the ruins and treasures built to store the offerings brought to the gods.

Olympia is famous for its archaeological museum, located opposite the sanctuary, inside which you can see many wonderful statues of the Gods of ancient Rome. But in Olympia there are other interesting places, for example, the museum of the history of the Olympic Games and the museum of historical excavations.

Every tourist who visits Olympia will remember for a long time walks along its streets. When you follow them, for a moment there is a feeling that you have moved in time, you see the real Olympic Games or personally compete for the right to be a winner. Stepping on a paved stone road, for a minute it may seem that these screams and joyful exclamations are somewhere very close, because they are like the breath of Olympia.

Olympia Olympia Olympia Olympia Olympia Olympia
Olympia - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 37.638333
Longitude: 21.630833


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