Brief description of the country

France is located in Western Europe, in society it is called the country of sophistication, and the capital Paris was recognized as the city of love. More than 68 million people live on an area of more than 643 thousand square kilometers. The French were able to raise their national cuisine, fashion and even lifestyle to unattainable heights, so the state is associated with chic.

People come to France to see the Louvre, climb the Eiffel Tower, view the chambers of Louis XIV and attend Fashion Week. There are many private beaches on the Cote d'Azur, you can try your luck in the casino, in boutiques you can update your wardrobe with collections from famous fashion designers. Winemaking is developed in France, you can taste world-famous wines.

The climate is temperate: in winter the average temperature is up to +6°C, in summer it is not too hot outside, the air warms up to +26°C, but sometimes the thermometer rises to +40°C. May-September is considered a favorable period for traveling to the Lauzerny Shore, the high season is observed in summer. The ski season runs from late autumn to mid-spring.

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