Rodin Museum

In the 7th arrondissement of Paris there is the majestic Rodin Museum, which has collected over 6,000 sculptors, 8,000 ancient photographs and 7,000 objects of art. Here is the largest collection of works created by the sculptor Auguste Rodin.

Rodin Museum

The museum building was built in 1727-1732 specifically for the financier Abraham Peirin de Maura; later the French marshal Louis-Antoine de Gonto-Biron settled in it. The name for the building turned out to be significant and the house began to be called the Biron Palace. The marshal loved plants and ordered a garden with many flowers to be laid out. By the way, the garden also contains the sculptor’s works. Rodin purchased the palace and used it as a workshop, and before his death he transferred the workshop with all the works and paintings he bought to France. Rodin ordered the building to be turned into a museum. Since 1904, France has rented the Biron Palace to various artists and poets; Auguste Rodin also lived here until his death in 1917. The Rodin Museum was opened in 1919.

In the museum you can see from sketches of sculptures, various books and papers to finished bronze sculptures. Also here are works by Camille Claudel, the sculptor’s mistress. For a long time, Auguste collected works of art from Ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt, and towards the end of his life he began collecting exhibits from the Far East. Rodin's fame grew, as did donations to him - this allowed him to develop an extensive network of exchanging works and exhibits with other artists and collectors. In addition, he bought 3 paintings by Vague Gogh, a painting by Renoir and Claude Monet. His collection can be seen in the chapel, which hosts an exhibition of contemporary art every summer.

Rodin Museum

In addition to paintings and works of art, Rodin also collected photographs, of which there are 7,000 collected by him personally, and in total there are 25 thousand photographs in the museum. The museum is a very popular attraction in France; over 700 thousand people visit it every year.

Rodin Museum Rodin Museum Rodin Museum Rodin Museum Rodin Museum Rodin Museum
Rodin Museum - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 48.863856
Longitude: 2.322272


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