Devils Marbles

The unique Devils Marbles Reserve is located in Australia. In Aboriginal, the place is called Karl-Karlu. In 2008, the reserve was transferred to the Australian Parks Service. Aborigines gave land for 99 years, but did not stop managing, since the balls of the devil, which are a cluster of granite stones of unique forms, is a shrine to local tribes. This is one of the favorite places for tourists.

Devils Marbles

The first to discover a cluster of boulders by Scottish explorer John Ross. The traveler defined this place as the machinations of the devil, since then the real name has taken root. Later, one of the stones was taken to the city of Alice Springs and became an element of the memorial. This caused Aboriginal indignation, after which the reserve became untouchable.

Origin versions

According to scientists, boulders formed from lava, which came out from under the ground through sandstone. As a result of the process, stones famous as the Devil's Balls turned into granite. The form was formed thanks to the blowing wind. The stones split into half were the result of a desert change in temperature, under the influence of which they contracted and unclenched, which led to cracks. Local residents have their own opinion on this. Some tribes believe that the balls – are the eggs of the ancestor of the life of a rainbow snake. Other natives believe that in this place the devil weaved his head decoration. Fallen a few hair turned into stones.

Devils Marbles

Features of the sights of the Devil's Ball

Unique boulders formed for millions of years, after which for thousands of years natural factors gave them shape. The size of the stones ranges from 50 cm to 6 m. In an interesting way, stone blocks spread over the territory of several kilometers. Some are folded into heaps, some balance, contrary to the laws of nature. The color of neatly grouped stones changes in the morning and evening hours, depending on the lighting. It can be from pink to crimson shades. Notably, but there is flora and fauna in this corner of the desert. Here some species of amphibians feel great. The source of moisture for them is plants that can accumulate water. In addition, wild banana and figs are growing in this area.

Today, the infrastructure of the reserve is quite developed, which attracts more and more tourists. The Devil's Shara Nature Reserve is 115 km from Tennat Creek. It is protected as a shrine by local residents and as a landmark by the authorities. There are no official tourist tours to this place, so those who want to admire the miracle of nature get to the location of the mysterious granite balls on their own.

Devils Marbles Devils Marbles Devils Marbles Devils Marbles Devils Marbles Devils Marbles
Devils Marbles - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -20.566667
Longitude: 134.266667


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