Makhavo Lake Makhavo Lake Makhavo Lake Makhavo Lake

Makhavo Lake

Machovo Lake is located in the Czech Republic, approximately 65 km from the capital Prague. You can get there either by your own car or by train. The lake is one of the largest in the country. This beautiful place on the Rala Hills is very popular among European tourists. Here you can swim in the clean, clear water or stroll through the dense pine forest that spreads widely across the hills. People come here on holiday from the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Germany.

On the shore of Lake Makhavo there is a small town called Doksy, whose residents mainly live off tourism, because this is where most visitors stay. The city also has a large number of restaurants and entertainment venues, a well-developed commercial infrastructure, and many hotels have been built. During the holiday season, which lasts from May to September, you can enjoy water slides and windsurfing. Those interested can also ride on equipped yachts or a motor ship, or take a ride on a pedalo. There are a huge number of sandy beaches on Lake Makhavo, from fully equipped ones for relaxation to wild ones. Those who like long walks in the fresh air should also enjoy it here; you can even rent a bike.

Looking at such beauty, you might think that Makhavo Lake is a natural reservoir. But actually it is not. During the Cenozoic period there was indeed a large natural reservoir here. When the last Ice Age came, the water left, leaving only a swamp with peat in this place.

This is how everything remained until 1366. One day King Charles IV himself came to the hills to hunt. He was simply amazed by the scenic beauty of this hilly area and decided that there should be a lake here. On his orders, workers cleared the peat and deepened the pit for a whole year. As a result of enormous human labor, such a beautiful reservoir was created. King Charles was very pleased with the resulting look. Fish was bred here for His Majesty's table. Initially, the lake received the nickname Velikiy Rybnik (Big Pond). The current name of the lake was officially assigned only in 1961. Makhovo Lake is translated as "Lake Makhi" and it is named after the Czech poet Karel Macha, who writes in the style of romanticism.

Makhovo Lake is an excellent choice for those who prefer a quiet, measured holiday at reasonable prices.

Makhavo Lake - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 50.583056
Longitude: 14.649722


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