Pura Tanah Lot

The Temple of Pura Tanah Lot is located on the territory of the Indonesian island of Bali on an elevating rock, washed by the sea from all sides. Translated, it means so: « a temple standing in the sea ». The temple was built in the form of a pagoda, as a symbol of the sacred abode of the gods. Pura Tanah Lot is one of the main temples in Bali. There are six more temples along the coast of Bali, a feature of which is that standing on the territory of one, you can see the next temple.

Pura Tanah Lot

During the tide, the structure of Pura Tanah Lot resembles a fabulous ship sailing among endless sea spaces. Waves fighting for rocks polished the temple to a shine for millennia.

You can visit it only during low tide and good weather, it is then that a narrow passage from island to rock breaks off. Before entering the complex, two pairs of gates were erected. At the first gate, the sculptures look at visitors with a learning look, as if evaluating. The second gate is located on the seashore, behind which there is a view of Pura Tanah Lot. There are many different statues and monuments on the temple.

Pura Tanah Lot

According to legend, this is a holy place, built a Hindu brahman in the 15th century, which came to light, coming from a spring on a rock. At the foot of the rock inside the cave was a huge snake created from a brahman scarf. The snake guarded the temple without letting evil spirits into it.

The Temple of Pura Tanakh Lot is interesting for both pilgrims and ordinary tourists. The first as prayers, and the second to see the unusual beauty of the structure, the local beauty of nature and magnificent sunsets. However, only believing Indians are allowed into the middle of the temple, who climb the stairs carved into the rock. Tourists in the middle of the temple are not allowed to enter, they can only visit the bottom of the rock. At the foot of the rock are two caves, the visit of which is allowed only accompanied by guides. In one live the guards of the cave – poisonous snakes, and from the walls the second a stream hits, whose water is considered healing. This water can be drunk by everyone. This island is also popular with tourists because of the magnificent pictures obtained against the background of Pur Tanakh Lot. The photogenicity of the temple is especially beautiful at sunset.

Half a century ago, the rock began to collapse. Japan helped save the shrine from destruction. It was they who helped with money to strengthen the rock. Therefore, part of it is already short, half of the base of the rock is replaced by a cement solution. The temple is protected by UNESCO.

Pura Tanah Lot Pura Tanah Lot Pura Tanah Lot Pura Tanah Lot Pura Tanah Lot Pura Tanah Lot
Pura Tanah Lot - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -8.62107
Longitude: 115.08716


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