Lake Teletskoye

Lake Teletskoye is one of the most beautiful and pureest lakes of Mountain Altai. From a long time, local peoples called it "Golden Lake".

Lake Teletskoye

The current name of the lake was given by Russian pioneers, having met with local Turkic tribes with televisions. Prior to this, since the time of the Mongols, the lake was called Altan-nouur, which means "Golden Lake". Perhaps this name is due to the gold placers encountered, and possibly due to legends. One of them had a huge piece of gold hidden on a rainy day at the Altai. Once it was a hungry time, and the resident had all the food and drink, then he put a bag of gold on his shoulder and went to trade it for food. To one came up, the second, third, no one wanted to change food for a shiny piece of metal. He then climbed to the top of Mount Altyntu, cursed his fate and the gods, threw a golden piece into the lake and kicked himself after. A resident in the water surface of the lake perished. Since then, they called Lake Altyn-Köl, which means Golden.

The Taurus is located in the northeastern part of Altai, on all sides cordoned off. Water surface is located at an altitude of 436 meters above sea level. The length of the Telecsky lake is 77.7 kilometers with an average width of 2-3 kilometers, the largest known depth is 325 meters. The lake is famous for its clean water, which allows you to see objects under water at a distance of up to 15 meters. In total, 70 rivers and many seasonal streams flow into the lake, and only the Biya River flows out. The bulk of the water lies in the Chulyshman River. The Taurus is sometimes called the brother of Baikal.

Lake Teletskoye

Due to the mountainous terrain near the Lake Teletsky, there are very sharp and steep banks, but there are also magnificent bays in which, as a rule, they equip recreation centers. Tourism has been well developed in Teleck Lake since Soviet times. For tourists, almost 20 camp sites provide their services. You can enjoy the lake by choosing the right tour for yourself: on foot, by car, bicycle, boat or even by helicopter. In the USSR, route 77 was the most popular, including the foot part and 3 days of boating. There are also many fishing enthusiasts who are attracted by an abundance of fish. In total, 14 species of fish live in the lake: hariuses, pike, taimeni, perch, zucchu, lenka.

In spring and autumn, it is better not to go on vacation to the lake. At this time, very strong winds blow, because of which it is very difficult to land from the boat.

Lake Teletskoye Lake Teletskoye Lake Teletskoye Lake Teletskoye Lake Teletskoye Lake Teletskoye

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Lake Teletskoye - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 51.529167
Longitude: 87.714722


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