Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso, built in the western part of the island of Sentoza, is the only surviving witness to the history of Singapore to recall the military past. It was erected by the British at the end of the 19th century with the aim of defending the narrow entrance from the sea to Keppel harbor from pirates. For a long time, at the disposal of Great Britain, it was an essential strategic object. In Filipino, the name of the fort means « the ancient person ».

Fort Siloso

During World War II, Siloso Fortress was the main stronghold in approaching Singapore from the west. The fortification has played an important role in protecting the British from invader attacks. In order to reflect a possible assault, the British staged a large number of weapons. For a long time, 6-inch artillery weapons defended Singapore Harbor, but they still could not resist the attacks of Japan. The Japanese turned Fort Silos into a prisoner of war camp. The walls of the fortress with unbearable conditions contained prisoners from Great Britain and Australia. Many, without waiting for release, died at the place of detention. Nowadays, Singaporeans, considering this place a saint, spend days of memory.

Since 1967, the island, together with Fort Silos, passed into Singapore's possession. At the end of the 20th century, the fortress served as the site of the conclusion of the famous Singaporean politician Chia Tai Po.

Fort Siloso

Gradually, a partial restoration of this defensive object was carried out. In the late 80s, the fort was completely restored and open to tourists.

The museum will be of interest primarily to lovers of historical actions. This museum provides many weapons of war from the 17th century until the hours of World War II. The mannequins of British soldiers and military are placed around the entire circumference of Fort Silos, creating real pictures from military life.

Fans of military attractions will be able to see warehouses, ammunition bunkers, barracks, wander around old tunnels that kept the secrets of the military situation. From numerous photographs and documents, you can study all the details of the war, and accompanying guides will tell the whole history of the battles on the island of Sentoz.

Fort Siloso Fort Siloso Fort Siloso Fort Siloso Fort Siloso Fort Siloso
Fort Siloso - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 1.258889
Longitude: 103.808056


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