In the Balkan Mountains near the town of Vratz there is an amazing cave called Ledenika. The cave includes 10 halls with a total length of about 350 meters.


Ledenik Cave is located on the territory of the Bulgarian natural park "Vrachansky Balkan". The name of the cave was given by numerous stalactites and stalagmites. The first tourists entered the cave in 1961 and since then the popularity of this place has only grown.

The first to meet guests is a hall called the Doorb, it is of particular interest in the winter, the rest of the time there are few stalactites in it. Next are the small hall ( Small Hall ) and passages. Then comes the large "Concert Hall", which, thanks to its good acoustics, attracts singers. During the "Botte Days" concerts are held here dedicated to the revolutionary Christo Botev and his associates, who fought against Turkish slavery. Fighting days last from May 24 to June 2 in Vrats. The height of the hall is almost 23 meters, with dimensions 60 by 45 meters. Of greatest interest in the hall are cottage industries, which over the years have taken fabulous forms. Some in stalactites look for animal figures.


Next follows the hall "Chladilnik", the name of which is literally translated as a refrigerator. In the hall there is a "lake of desires", which according to legend fulfills the desire if it is dotted with a hand in the cold waters of the lake. After the refrigerator, the halls of the Small and Big Abyss follow. In the latter you can see cottage industries similar to a huge waterfall. There are many beautiful places in the Ledenik cave, among which stands out the penultimate "white room", which houses the largest stalactit in the cave ( 4.5 meters ), and the entire complex of the hall is covered with thousands of hanging stalactites.

The very last hall is the highest, hence the name Seventh Sky. Here you can see dry lakes and many stalactites. It is worth noting that the Ledenik cave was declared a natural attraction by the Bulgarian government and made a protected area here. It is forbidden to damage the walls, use smoking torches, and also that can harm the cave.

Ledenika Ledenika Ledenika Ledenika Ledenika Ledenika
Ledenika - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 43.204444
Longitude: 23.491111


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