Brief description of the country

Bulgaria is located in Southeastern Europe. The territory covers more than 110 thousand square kilometers. The country is called the place of the eternal tourist season. Here you can relax with the whole family. Travelers are attracted by golden beaches and mountains. The capital is the city of Sofia. Almost all resorts operate on an all-inclusive basis.

Bulgaria is associated with soft cheese, wine and sweet pepper. Spicy national dishes. They are boiled or stewed for a long time, fried very rarely. The main ingredients are meat, fish and vegetables. Cheese is added to almost all dishes, but most often ─ in salads. Local wine can be tasted in any restaurant.

Bottled mineral water is cheap, but tap water is drinkable. As a memory of the trip, you can take alcohol, natural cosmetics, carpets, dishes and rose jam with you. In order not to get into an awkward situation, you need to know that nodding your head in Bulgaria is perceived as "no". You can agree with the interlocutor by shaking your head from side to side.

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