Brief description of the country

Guatemala is located in Central America. The territory of the country is more than 108,000 km2. You can visit two coasts at once, see volcanoes, swim in thermal springs and mountain lakes. The state consists of 22 departments. The national language is Spanish. The climate is tropical. In the country you can look at the objects of the Mayan civilization. The descendants of this tribe live at the foot of volcanoes.

The capital is rich in architectural eclecticism. In Guatemala, you can see both glass skyscrapers and old mansions. Noisy shopping streets intersect with narrow streets where people like to drink strong coffee. There are many festive events in the country. All villages and cities have a patron saint. And people arrange a magnificent celebration in his honor. Religious services are held, musical shows are held, which are replaced by fireworks.

There are many meat dishes in the national cuisine. They mainly eat beef and pork, corn and beans. Fruit is served for dessert. Wine is served for lunch and dinner. Locals love to drink natural coffee.

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