Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains - a national park in New South Wales. The mountains are low - no more than 1300 meters. The park is just 2 hours from Sydney. The territory of the park is 970 km2, which is cut with canyons up to eight hundred meters deep and up to 50 km long. The park was founded in 1958. a large number of euscalipte trees emitting essential oil is growing in the park. A large concentration of oil in the air creates a blue curtain, hence the name of the park - the Blue Mountains, which were formerly called Carmarten.

Blue Mountains National Park

They lived in the Blue Mountains for a very long time, finds finds for as long as 22,000 years. White people came here in 1813, and already 1815 already made the way, so huge deposits of coal were found, which accelerated the development of the country and the region in particular. A few decades later, the Golden Fever takes place here".

In the Blue Mountains there is the Three Sisters rock, which is a symbol of Australia known to many travelers. A legend is also associated with a rock. Once upon a time, three brothers fell in love with three sisters from another tribe, but according to the laws of the tribe, the sisters did not have the right to marry representatives of another tribe. Then the brothers started a war against another tribe in order to take the sisters by force. A very powerful sorcerer of the Sisters tribe wrapped them in cliffs for their safety. However, the tribe of sisters could not win the battle, the sorcerer was killed, and the sisters are waiting for the one who will free them from ancient magic.

Blue Mountains National Park

For the convenience of tourists, observation platforms are visible in the park, with a wonderful view of the valley below. It is best to climb the site on a funicular, in which there are very cozy booths with a transparent bottom. It is also worth taking a ride on a mountain tram built in 1899, which is now one of the most notable attractions of the Blue Mountains. In addition to tour facilities in the park, a large number of walking paths and waterfalls, which are no less interesting for travelers. There are many secluded places in the park where no one will disturb and will allow you to enjoy the wonderful views of nature, silence, and atone for yourself in a waterfall.

Here is a wide variety of mammals, such as Wallaby, tricks, cucaburrs, koals, quite a few not found on other continents. Mountains consist mainly of sandstone.

Blue Mountains National Park Blue Mountains National Park Blue Mountains National Park Blue Mountains National Park Blue Mountains National Park Blue Mountains National Park
Blue Mountains National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -34
Longitude: 150.333333


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