Mariinsky Park

Mariinsky Park is a magnificent park in the center of Kiev near the Mariinsky Palace and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The park was founded back in 1874 under the direction of the gardener Nedzelsky A. G.

Mariinsky Park

Previously, there was a palace square on the site of Mariinsky Park, where military parades took place. The park deals with an area of almost 9 hectares, through which you can take a walk in the shade of old trees. In total, there are about 80 species of trees, of which the Schwedler maples, ailants, Japanese sophors, chestnuts, Amur velvet are most interesting.

There are many interesting monuments in Mariinsky Park, among them a monument to the heroes of the October uprising, dedicated to the participants of the 1917 armed uprising. Then, after the uprising, at the entrance to the park, fighters and workers buried in a mass grave. They erected a monument in 1927, during the Great Patriotic War it was destroyed, but already in 1948 it was restored. During the mass unrest in 2014, the monument was destroyed. The monument was a pedestal with a red granite bowl. In January 1918, there was another uprising during which 750 people died, they were also buried in the park, and in 1967 they erected a monument in the form of a figure of a worker from bronze, the sighing banner of the revolution. The height of the pedestal is 2.5 meters, and the sculpture of the worker is 4 meters. In 1948, a monument was opened in Mariinsky Park to Army General Nikolai Fedorovich Vatutin, who went from the Red Army to the Army General, who heads the Voronezh, South-Western and 1st Ukrainian Front. The general was seriously injured in 1944 during an ambush of the UPA sabotage group and a few months later died of blood poisoning.

Mariinsky Park

One of the main attractions of the park is the "bridge of lovers", which is customary to confess love and jump from it in case of a negative answer. Also on the bridge are colored ribbons and locks with their own names.

Mariinsky Park Mariinsky Park Mariinsky Park Mariinsky Park Mariinsky Park Mariinsky Park
Mariinsky Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 50.446944
Longitude: 30.539722


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