National Park Nahuel Huapi National Park Nahuel Huapi National Park Nahuel Huapi National Park Nahuel Huapi

National Park Nahuel Huapi

Nahuel Huapi is a national park in Argentina. It was founded in the area of Lake Nauel-Uapi in 1934, it is the country's oldest national park. Today, the protected area covers an area of 7050 km2 in the provinces of Neuquen and Rio Negro in northern Patagonia.

It extends 130 km long along the Argentine-Chilean border. In the park, located on the border of the Waldvian forests and Patagonian steppes, high mountains, many lakes and vast hard-to-reach forests predominate. In the north, Lanin National Park joins him. The territory of another national park, Los Arraines, adjoins Lake Nauel-Uapi. The height above sea level of the territory of the national park ranges from 700-3500 m.

The park is named after its main attraction, the central geographical object is Lake Nauel-Uapi. Immediately after its creation, the Nauel-Uapi National Park occupied only 800 km2 between Puero Blest and Lake Fri-as, already in 1907 the park was expanded to 4300 km2. It should be noted that the creation of the park in such a quick time would not have been possible if it had not for the perseverance and perseverance of the famous naturalist of Argentina, Dr. Francis-ko Perito Moreno.

The park aims to protect the natural complexes of evergreen cedar and beech forests. Some of these trees reach 500 years of age, the size of some beechs is up to 40 m high and 2 m in diameter. Also in the park it is easy to meet the trees of Patagonian larch, they reach a height of 30-35 m and a diameter of 2-3 m. With something, Patagonian larchs resemble California sequoias - their trunks are also braided by lians. Along with these interesting breeds in the national park, significant areas are occupied by thickets of ferns and bamboo, and travos. Swamps in the park occupy a considerable territory. The grassy communities of the Patagonian steppe are unique in composition - « pampa ».

The main attraction of the park - Lake Nauel-Uapi - is located at an altitude of 767 m above sea level, its length is approaching 70 km, and the area is 530 km2. But tourists are attracted not only by the unusually beautiful nature of the lake and the forests here. Nauel-Uapi is on the list of mysterious lakes on the planet. It is believed that a mysterious creature, similar to Lokhnes, lives in the lake. This monster was also named after the lake. A mysterious creature is periodically shown to tourists and local residents. There are numerous legends of Native American tribes living on the lake. They read about the terrible monster living at the bottom of the Nauel-Wapi. Scientists who came to test theories and rumors have not yet discovered anything. However, a huge number of tourists come to the lake in the hope of seeing a monster. Local residents use the glory of the lake with might and main. Guests enjoy numerous souvenirs with the image of a monster. Also, car trips to the park are very popular among tourists, especially « round-the-light » with a length of 280 km.

The natural attractions of the Nauel-Uapi National Park include the exorbitant Tronador volcano, reaching an altitude of 3554 m above sea level. Translated from Spanish, the name of the volcano "tronadore" means "cromiceps, rattling". The volcano rises above the forest zone of the park, from it numerous lakes are visible, dominated by ice age. The main peak of the Tronadore is El-Princeipal, eight glaciers are crawling from it, the latter gave life to the local Frias River, which is known for its matte-green waters.

The fauna of Nauel-Wapi is quite typical of Argentina, quite diverse for South America and completely unique and exotic for the rest of the globe. Interesting animals such as guanaco, similar to ordinary deer, local endemic - Andean deer, a unique variety - dwarf deer pudu ( about 30 cm ) are living here. Representatives of rodents also became widespread in the park: viscach and nutria, armadillo and mouse possum. European deer and lanterns brought here from Europe have successfully passed acclimatization in these lands. In Nauel-Uapi, there are about a hundred species of birds, but the most notable of them are Nanda, Chilean hummingbirds, magellans woodpecker, black swan, Magellanova peganka and wedge-tailed parrot.

The best tourist seasons here are the periods from January to March and from July to September.

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National Park Nahuel Huapi - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -41
Longitude: -71.5


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