Brief description of the country

Ecuador is located in South America, it is washed by the Pacific Ocean and covers an area of about 300,000 square kilometers. In Spanish, the name of the republic means the equator. The population is over 18 million people, the capital is Quito.

In Ecuador, you can sunbathe, swim in the ocean, walk through the jungle. Locals advise visiting the Galapagos Islands, where large turtles live. In Ecuador you can see huge iguanas taking a bath at the foot of a volcano. The weather is always summer in the country: the average temperature is up to +25°С. May-November is considered the most favorable period for travel, because at other times the temperature is lower, it often rains. Precipitation falls once a day.

The national cuisine is hearty: it consists of dishes from cereals, seafood and meat. Locals love to eat soups, the first courses are prepared literally from everything. Popular locro de papas, which is made from avocado, cheese and potatoes. You can take knitted ponchos, figurines and bright carpets as a memory of the trip.

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