Harbor Bridge

Harbor Bridge has a weight of 53,800 tons and has been built for 8 years. Steel arches weigh up to 39,000 tons, and fasten all this colossus 6 million rivets. The Harbor Bridge cost a huge time of $ 20 million, although in the initial estimate it cost only 4.2 million. The expensive company was used for its intended purpose in the winter of 1932, and it was possible to pay the debt generated after construction only in 1987.

Harbor Bridge

The bridge from its arched shape is called - « Hanger ». The idea of the bridge, like any grand enterprise, was hatched for a long time. It is reliably known that for the first time they started talking about him back in the 19th century, but only after five decades the case will budge. During this fruitful time, 24 projects were rejected, until finally two equally majestic figures appeared on the horizon: Sir Ralph Freeman and Sir John Bradfield. These two engineers – giants of thought - the command of time will be destined to begin the construction of the bridge on the 1926th.

The city administration was determined to build Harbor Bridge. This, in particular, is indicated by the sad fact: 800 houses that blocked access to the bridge were demolished without hesitation. 800 families were on –, while everyone was denied compensation for the loss of their homes. What can you say – harsh mores. For mathematical calculations of the structure, a total of 28 volumes were needed. The design of the – bridge is mobile: on hot days it expands to 18 meters.

Harbor Bridge

Note to the tourist.

Excursions are conducted, but only starting from the age of ten. The – climb is exclusively in a special suit with insurance and rubber shoes. They will give out, help to screw up, to help – instructor. Any gadgets will be politely, but they will persistently ask to pass, photographing – is a privilege of instructors. After all the conventions by mutual agreement are taken into account, lovers of mathematics can go count the steps. Climbing Harbor Bridge will take a tourist from the measured life for about an hour and a half. This is a – approximate minimum. In other routes of the steps, the fees are disproportionately higher, and therefore, the time and money charges for the efforts spent, respectively, increase. Get ready: the number of steps passed is directly proportional to the mandrake in all parts of your body.

How to get there:

Public transport – bus: № 150x, 203, 228-230, 286, stop – « Milsons Point Wharf, Alfred St. » ( north side ), № 3, X97 – stop « Circular Quay » ( south side ). Orientation - opera house and port. Depending on the route, you will have to fork out: adults – from 198 to 403 Australian dollars, children – from 126 to 293. The price includes a visit to the museum.

Harbor Bridge Harbor Bridge Harbor Bridge Harbor Bridge Harbor Bridge Harbor Bridge
Harbor Bridge - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -33.852222
Longitude: 151.210556


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