Kalambo Waterfall

Kalambo is a picturesque waterfall on the river of the same name, located on the border of Tanzania and Zambia. The size of the waterfall is simply amazing, because it rises by 427 meters, and the width depends on the rainy season and ranges from 3 to 20 meters.

Kalambo Waterfall

For the first time, Europeans visited here in 1913, but people lived around the Kalambo waterfall over 250 thousand years ago. The parking lots of ancient people were discovered at the waterfall, so the area in 1964 was declared a national monument.

Near the Kalambo Falls is another beautiful attraction in Africa - Lake Tanganyika. There are many rare tihlid fish caught for sale in pet stores in the lake. From the top of the waterfall there is a stunning view of the lake and surroundings, and Kalambo cliffs have chosen the packs of Marabu. Below the waterfall there is a deep 5 kilometer-long gorge, the height of which reaches 300 meters.

Kalambo Waterfall

The waterfall is located in the East African Rift Valley, so the constant movement of the African and Arabian tectonic plates leads to the rise of the Kalambo River, thereby raising the level of waterfall. Perhaps the movement of tectonic plates after millions of years forms the ocean in this place.

Waterfall Kalambo Waterfall Kalambo Waterfall Kalambo
Kalambo Waterfall - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -8.596389
Longitude: 31.240278


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