Brief description of the country

Zambia appeared on the map only in 1964, and before that it was a British colony called Northern Rhodesia. The country is rich in minerals and developed at their expense, but with the proclamation of independence and the nationalization of industry, the country began to decline.

Today, Zambia is known for its national parks, waterfalls and wildlife. On the Zambezi River is the most famous waterfall - Victoria, which is located in the Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park. The dimensions of the waterfall are amazing - the width is almost two kilometers, and the height of the water fall is more than 120 meters. Many tourists come to see it.

Kasanka stands out from the national parks, where bats migrate in October-November. They fly here at the beginning of the rainy season and at the time of fruit ripening. At the peak of their migration, their number reaches 8 million and they cover the sky. In addition to them, over 100 species of mammals live in the park, such as: zebras, leopards, buffaloes, rare blue monkeys, elephants.

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