Cape Byron

James Cook accidentally came across this cape, wandering around the Pacific Ocean in 1770 during his worldly journey. The great admirer of the talents of Admiral Byron, Cook decided to mutilate his memory cape in his honor. In the recent past, Cape Byron had an ominous reputation: a whaling base was located here. In the 20th century, this place becomes a haven for hippies and various activists with free views on life. In memory of these « free » times on Cape Byron, melodies of digirid and bongo bongo still sound, and vegetarian cafes are also poked everywhere.

Cape Byron

The whole point of traveling – on foot. Therefore, away from the – car and forward. In the easternmost point of Australia - Cape Byron - is not uncommon of whale, especially from June to October. Thinking of the waters of the Pacific Ocean and local waters can easily be seen: a nannak shark, sea turtles, stingrays and dolphin-afalins. Whales willingly pose for tourists, but often only in the distance. In Australia, as you know, everywhere - a sneaky kangaroo. Entire pastures are allotted to him here. It is convenient to stare at them from the observation deck. And from here you can also see the Byron beaches. Quite from extravagant - QR codes designed to serve as a national park to help a tourist with a walking route.

On a hiking trip – it's hot. A true remedy for thirst – a flask of water. If the flask has run out, then you can replenish the reserves with saving moisture in the national park. For this, – we are looking for cranes. Byron's cape – is insidious and expects from a tourist an increased concentration of attention: we remember, even on the most rainy day it is easy to brown and even fry. To do this, – we wave sunscreen. Moreover, as the experienced insist, it is better not to let the cream out of the troubled callous hands at all. The image of the tourist will complement: a hat, sunglasses, and of course, comfortable shoes. All taken together – the components of the success of a tourist in the mouse Byron. Throughout the journey - paths and stairs. And they were very pleased with – informative tablets. In summer, it’s hot here, in the spring-autumn – that’s the very thing in winter - we stock up on a set of warm socks.

Cape Byron

On Cape Byron in 1901 they built a lighthouse. It is claimed that this lighthouse – is the last echin of Victorian architecture, preserved on the continent intact. Lens weight – 8 tons, delivered from France. For daredevils – deltaplan and balloon excursion.

Cape Byron Cape Byron Cape Byron Cape Byron Cape Byron Cape Byron
Cape Byron - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -28.6334683
Longitude: 153.6207405


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