Shatsky Lakes

In the Volyn region of Ukraine there are magnificent Shatsky lakes, their purity and beauty of nature attracts tourists from all over the country. In total, the complex includes 30 lakes, along the banks of which there are many recreation centers and sanatoriums.

Shatsky Lakes

The territory where the lakes are located is also called the Shatsky Lake. In order to preserve unique natural complexes in 1983, the Shatsky National Nature Park was created here, covering an area of 325 km2. Later, wetlands that are protected by the Ramsar Convention were annexed to the park, increasing the park to 489 km2. There is a 2nd largest lake in Ukraine - Svityaz ( 27.5 km2 ), Ostrovyan Lake, Luke, Crimea, Lucimir, Sand Lake.

According to the relief, the lake is a plain with lakes that arose on the site of karst pits, the rest of the lakes appeared as a result of an increase in groundwater levels and the formation of marshy landscapes. Lakes are fed with water from groundwater and rainfall. The remoteness of industrial facilities has a positive effect on the environmental situation in the lakes. With the onset of summer, the water in Shatsky Lakes warms up well, and the gentle coast with a sandy bottom and beaches up to 60 meters long add those who want to swim in the water with the whole family.

Shatsky Lakes

Also, fishing lovers come here, because there are many: carps, soms of the forest, pike, perch, there are even acne, sig, zucchini, crayfish. Some lakes have fish farms. The abundance of swamps creates a favorable environment for various waterfowl birds.

Shatsky Lakes Shatsky Lakes Shatsky Lakes Shatsky Lakes Shatsky Lakes Shatsky Lakes
Shatsky Lakes - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 51.5
Longitude: 23.833333


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