Well Chand Baori

Well-gang Chand Baori – step-by-step structure consisting of 9 tiers and 3,500 perfectly symmetric steps that descend to a depth of 20 meters, down to groundwater. This is the deepest well in India. It was erected in the 9th century in the town of Abaneri to extract water and provide it to the entire district.

Well Chand Baori

Since it is very arid here, the well was the only salvation. Thanks to the correct calculations of architects, water in tanks can be stored for up to six months. There was a well-known case when there was no water for several years, and the salvation was the reserves in the well. Since the water did not overheat, it was suitable for drinking.

The name of the well is similar to the word « baor », translated meaning « steps ». Legend has it that the well appeared with the help of the spell of some sorcerer who ordered the ghost to dig a well in just one night. According to another version, the well was built by the ruler of the Chand from the Nikumba dynasty.

Well Chand Baori

Chand Baori has an extraordinary beauty square design with terraces around the circle. The steps are surrounded on three sides, on the fourth there are pavilions and niches with beautiful sculptures. On religious subjects are sculptures by Ganesha and Durga. There are even conquests for the royal family. Since the steps did not have fences, it was necessary to go down very carefully. To date, security measures have been taken and the steps have been protected by the railing.

A magnificent temple was erected on one wall. This gave reason to consider this place sacred. But you were allowed to go to the temple only after washing. All the pilgrims were cleansed immediately, right in drinking water. Due to non-compliance with hygiene rules, many suffered infectious diseases.

In the 19th century, a law was passed prohibiting the use of water from Chand Baori. And with the invention of modern water supply systems, the well of Chand Baori is no longer used for its intended purpose. Although the water level in the well has remained unchanged throughout the millennium.

Today it is a tourist attraction of India.

This architectural creation, striking in its size and shape, symmetry and accuracy of calculations, attracts the attention of tourists, architects, archaeologists. The place served to shoot many films.

Tourists need to be careful, and it’s better not to sink to the bottom of Chand Baori, especially when seasonal rains, at this time the steps become very slippery.

Well Chand Baori Well Chand Baori Well Chand Baori Well Chand Baori Well Chand Baori Well Chand Baori
Well Chand Baori - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 27.0072
Longitude: 76.6068


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