Purnululu National Park

Sand wastelands – the main reason for the origin of the park name: in the Aboriginal language "purnululu" means « sandstone ». There is also Bangle Bangle - the name of the same name as the mountain range located in the park. All 2.3 thousand square meters – is a paradise for archaeologists. Of course, for the archaeologists of Purnululu, this is paradise: here and there – burial of pastoralists and peasants mixed with petroglyphs – cave paintings that clearly and graphically tell about the ungulates of Aboriginal people.

Purnululu National Park

Bangle Bangl Mountains

The Bangle Bangl Mountains is an Aboriginal shrine that sounds right in their language as "Bangle Bangle - Billingjal", which translates as "falling sand". For the time being, about the existence of « Bangle Bangle » the progressive part of humanity - tourists - did not know anything at all. So the mountains would have been forgotten, coexisting peacefully with the natives, but in 1982 a group of inspired filmmakers flew right over them to the next shoot. Having a natural aesthetic taste, they appreciated the opened picturesque panoramas, resembling beehives in shape. The height of some mountains reaches 578 meters and amazes the imagination with its alternating layers. All because of cyanobacteria - there are many oxidized iron compounds in the orange layers that quickly dry out and bacteria cannot develop on them, and the gray stripes are the product of the life of bacteria, where there is a lot of moisture.

There is no consensus on the origin of Bangle Bangle. At least among scientists – settled thinkers. Aboriginal people – have a simpler one: they are not inclined to anybody. Bangle Bangle – is, in their opinion, the skin of a giant « rainbow » snake. Of course, one may be surprised: such an unprecedented. However, in this uncomplicated folk tradition – the calm of the millennia that the natives have absorbed. And what do you object to this: in the whole world you will not find something like that. Therefore, maybe indeed – « skin ».

Purnululu National Park

Wherever you look, around the – mountains, meager vegetation and life itself seemed to even freeze. The plain comes to life closer to the Ord – the only river in the dull edges. Nevertheless, here you can meet the thickets of ferns, spinifex plantations, a lot of orchids. Acacia, palm trees, gravialelles and eucalyptus grow from trees in Purnulul, in total in the national park you can meet more than 650 different species of plants, 150 species of birds, 40 species of mammals. In Purnulul, a tourist will surely meet another Aboriginal: a running, crawling, jumping – Dingo dog, a merciless ram, a mountain kangaroo, as well as – a rapidly rushing gray falcon and a motley parrot.

Purnululu National Park Purnululu National Park Purnululu National Park Purnululu National Park Purnululu National Park Purnululu National Park
Purnululu National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -17.463056
Longitude: 128.564167


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