Bohus Fortress

The Bochuska fortress of Sweden rises 40 meters above sea level on the border with Norway, in the place of separation of the Geta River into two branches. River pond formed a natural moat around the fortification. The fortress was erected in the XIV century in order to protect the Norwegian border from invasions by their ruler Hakon. For many years, she witnessed attacks, conflicts, bloody hostilities, but was never captured. At that time it was the most powerful strengthening of Norway.

Bohus Fortress

Since the Bochus fortress was constantly attacked by Swedes, the walls were constantly modified, in accordance with the development of weapons they were strengthened and completed. Wooden walls were replaced with stone heights of about 13 meters. They built towers, added bastions, created additional shafts. It was a rectangular structure with four towers in the corners, gates and a lifting bridge. A church was set up on the western side of the tower.

The main building was converted into a wonderful castle, where the first individuals celebrated holidays and official receptions in complete safety. Inside was equipped with the Royal Hall, chapel, kitchen, where professional cooks worked. Also on the territory of the fortress there were economic buildings. The total area of the fortress was 3.7 km2.

Bohus Fortress

The development of the fortress was facilitated by the fact that the Norwegians taxed merchant ships passing by.

In XVII, a peace agreement was signed, according to which the Bochus fortress passed into the hands of the Swedes. Subsequently, the castle ceased to occupy the strategic center of defense, turning into imprisonment for criminals. Gradually, the buildings of the fortress began to collapse and decline. Local residents used part of the stones as building material for their homes.

Nowadays, it will not work out to see the whole fortress, but the appearance, however, has been preserved. The north tower and the shafts survived. Today, the Swedish fortification of Bochus is a museum, the reconstruction of which is carried out by the state. In summer, it is open to tourists. Against the backdrop of the picturesque ruins of the Bochus Fortress, the local population holds tournaments and fairs, organizing the days of the Middle Ages.

This attraction of Sweden attracts many tourists from all over the world annually.

Bochus Fortress Bochus Fortress Bochus Fortress Bochus Fortress Bochus Fortress Bochus Fortress
Bohus Fortress - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 57.8625
Longitude: 11.998611


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