Volcano Mutnovsky

Mutnovsky Volcano is a unique volcano, which is located in the Kamchatka and Petropavlovsk regions, the distance to the nearest city is more than 70 km. Local residents can clearly see the volcano, but an ordinary person is unlikely to be able to distinguish an ordinary mountain from a volcano from this distance. This can be done by experienced climbers and tourists.

Volcano Mutnovsky

General information

The height of Mutnovsky Volcano reached 2,322 meters. This mountain is considered one of the most alive volcanoes in all of Kamchatka. If you look closely, you can always notice columns of steam above the crater; they can reach a height of 1,000 meters. Part of the volcano is under the protection of local authorities, since a small piece of Mutnovsk is located on the territory of a protected natural park. It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in the category of Kamchatka volcanoes. There are other volcanoes near Mutnovsky Volcano.

Description of the volcano

Mutnovsky Volcano is considered unique due to its structure and history of origin. Today it is a mountain range that was formed from 4 cones. But what is most different is the two cones that were formed as a result of several eruptions of Mutnovsky Volcano. The diameter of these craters reaches two kilometers, and their depth in some places reaches over 400 meters.

Volcano Mutnovsky

The fourth cone is located in the west; it is considered the most active compared to the others. Its last eruption was in 1960, but columns of steam above the crater still stand to this day. They arise from hot springs, steam jets and boiling pots. Most of the steam comes from fumaroles, these are cracks in the volcano that release gases. Volcanic gas consists of hydrogen, methane, sulfur, carbon dioxide and water vapor. Such a mixture can reach enormous temperatures; once scientists managed to record a temperature of 540 degrees. Nowadays, Mutnovsky Volcano is still considered active, but its beauty is simply mesmerizing. Inside the craters there are some of the most beautiful ice caves. Tourists and travelers dream of getting into these caves to admire their views.

Volcano Mutnovsky - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 52.453
Longitude: 158.195


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