The world's largest MuseumsQuartier is located in the historical center of Vienna. Its territory is 60 thousand square meters, and the length of the facade created in the Baroque style is 400 meters. It includes about 70 different objects: exhibition halls, museums, art objects, entertainment spaces in the form of modern cafes and fashion stores.


Museum Quarter History

The buildings were built in the 18th century, and were intended for barracks, stables, cavalry arena, and other buildings that served the imperial court as the location of vehicles. After the overthrow of the monarchy, the building lost its relevance, and in 1921 it was transformed into an exhibition complex. Until the beginning of 2001, the complex was restored, completed, supplemented with new buildings, and finally, the Museum Quarter acquired the form that we can see today. Now this place has become one of the most visited by tourists. More than a million visitors are here annually. A tourist attraction combines ancient Baroque architectural buildings with modern art objects and decorations.

Among the many institutions of the Museum Quarter, there are several places that you definitely need to visit.


Kunsthalle Gallery

The building combines baroque architecture with contemporary art. It is rather not a museum, but an exhibition hall, since there is no permanent exhibition. The premises host exhibitions of famous Austrian artists and young local artists and sculptors from around the world. Creations are presented in various styles, but they are united by the theme of modern art. The highlight of the avant-garde exhibition hall is added by the lack of daylight in the construction.

Leopold Museum

This is a modern building named after the founder of the museum, the Viennese professor and collector Rudolf Leopold. His collection contains works by a brilliant painter of the beginning of the 20th century and expressionist Egon Schiele, paintings by modernists Oscar Kokoshka and Gustav Klimt, as well as paintings by prominent artists of the 19th century. In several rooms of the museum there are religious and household items of the Countries of Africa, Japan and other countries of Oceania. On the territory there is a cafe where you can drink a cup of aromatic coffee, have a bite to eat, relax.

Mumok Museum

One of the largest museums in central Europe, which contains works of modern art. He absorbed all kinds of contemporary art: sculptors, graphics, painting, installations. All works date back to the 20th and 21st centuries. The museum was founded in 1962. The museum received its abbreviation MuMoK from the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien in 1991, in gratitude to the Austrian Ludwig Foundation, which donated numerous works of art to the museum. The exhibition area covers an area of 4.8 thousand square meters, it accommodates about 10 thousand paintings and other exhibits. Here are collected works by expressionists, futurists, cubists, painters, dadaists and other modern destinations.

Zoom Museum

Do not forget about little visitors here. In the entertainment and development center of Zoom, children can spend time from the heart. The space is divided into 4 zones, according to the age category. For children under 6 years old, the Ocean exposition is organized. Children can play in mirror tunnels, ship decks and water mattresses prepared for them. Many attractions help develop motor skills and color perception. Small artists are given the opportunity to prove themselves in creativity, art, design. They are allowed to paint on the walls, paint clothes. From plastic containers they create figures and other crafts. For those who want to know the basics of construction, they give out overalls, helmets, teach how to properly build walls, lay tiles, understand drawings. A studio has been created for adolescents where they can try themselves as famous characters, learn the secrets of creating films, get acquainted with computer graphics, create cartoons.


In addition to museums, exhibits, you can relax in the courtyard on the territory. All year round there are benches for relaxation, cozy sun loungers, where after visiting or between attractions, you can relax, have a bite to eat in one of the cozy restaurants or cafes, try dishes of national cuisine, drink a cup of aromatic coffee that conveys the taste of Vienna. On the territory of the courtyard, some events are constantly held: lectures, literary readings, concerts of street musicians. This is an amazing place in which a unique atmosphere reigns. This is a favorite place for students where they arrange all kinds of parties.

Museum quarter is a place where any tourist who loves art must definitely visit.

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MuseumsQuartier - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 48.203333
Longitude: 16.358889


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